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What does the RE:NEW Trust do?

RE:NEW Trust is a Public Benefit Organisation. The purpose of RE:NEW is to provide community development, poverty alleviation and relief. In support of its overall purpose, one of the core objectives of RE:NEW is the provision of education support to disadvantaged individuals.

This includes:

Providing basic skills training primarily to domestic workers and other underemployed persons
Facilitating the sponsorship of children from disadvantaged backgrounds to enable them to attend schools that offer quality education.
Sponsoring and mentoring deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds to enable them to obtain tertiary and other qualifications.

Currently, we provide the following basic skills training:

Basic and intermediate computer skills
Basic and intermediate sewing skills
Baking skills

In future, we plan to offer other skills training courses, such as catering, dressmaking and first aid.

The facilitation includes:

Providing motivation to schools to reduce or forego charging school fees.
Encouraging employers to sponsor (either all or part of) the fees of the children of their employees.
Providing bursaries to the extent that employers and or schools are unable or unwilling to meet or waive the relevant school fees in full.

Sponsorship could include:

Sponsoring fees.
Sponsoring equipment (e.g. books, stationery).
Sponsoring transport.
Sponsoring school uniforms.
Sponsoring accommodation and living expenses.

How can you get involved?

RE:NEW trust is run exclusively by volunteers and funded through donations. Because the trust is run by volunteers, 100% of all donations are used to benefit the trust’s beneficiaries.

There are many ways in which you can get involved. For example:

Teaching or mentoring students.
Assistance with marketing and communication.
Cash donations to the RE:NEW trust (donations to the trust qualify for 18A certificates).
Job or entrepreneurial opportunities for those attending the basic skills.
Sewing machines and laptops for students to make the most of their newly acquired skills.
Providing items such as non-perishable goods, clothing, bedding, etc. for the farmworkers.
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