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Our Dedicated Trustees


Brent Russell

I believe that if we have the means either financially or intellectually to help others we should do so. I believe that renew offers the opportunity to make a genuine difference in the world, to give people a chance and to see our country healed. I see this as a place for me to make that difference.


Candice Wilson

And what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?” Micah 6:8

South Africa is a country deeply scarred by injustice and inequality. I feel passionately that anyone who calls Jesus Lord needs to respond, in whatever way they can, to the injustice and inequality. I believe RE:NEW trust is one way in which I can, in some small way, respond to the scars of poverty and lack of access to opportunities for better education.


Francois Marais

There are many deserving students who lack the financial means and opportunity to reach their full potential.  Francois is passionate about our initiative to sponsor and mentor such students.  His vision is to raise donations and to get as many people as possible involved – Christian people who have been blessed with the financial ability and experience to help needy students.


Grant Hopkins

Married, father to 3 boys and Pastor at Protea Valley Church.

“It’s just not possible to live in our Nation and not be affected by the hardship and lack of opportunity of so many of our neighbours. Through Re:new I get to contribute in a small way to an NGO that offering people tangible, practical and life altering opportunities”.


Francois Hugo

There are countless opportunities where financial aid could, together with passionate people make a massive difference in the lives of those lacking resources.  There are also many people and institutions that are able, wanting and willing to contribute financially towards enabling such development.  I believe it is Re:New’s duty, responsibility and purpose to make sure that these two ends of the spectrum meet in a way that furthers God’s Kingdom.


Brendon Hoctor

It is a tremendous privilege and blessing to be a part of RE:NEW that offers avenues to impact those who have experienced hardship and a lack of opportunities in their lives. A chance at a better education builds confidence, dignity and self-worth and the recipient is then in a position of strength to make a bold and positive mark in our community and country. By His grace and guidance, through RE:NEW, I can be a small part of the process.

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