Renew Hope Food Parcels

Feeding the vulnerable in our neighborhood

Many around us are suffering suffering from hunger and are left without options to earn an income during the COVID19 pandemic.  That’s why we partnered with local NGOs Mercy Aids, the Father’s Heart (Fisantekraal) and MES (Northern Suburbs) to provide food parcels for the most vulnerable families in our neighbourhood.

Here's how you can help

Make a donation, pack parcels or do both.

and Re:New Trust will double your donation for

double the impact.  (18A Tax Certificate Available)

it’s a great way to get the clock moving during

lock down.

Help us spread the word by sharing this page with your friends and family to enable us to reach many more vulnerable families out there.

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Food and support to the vulnerable

Currently, there is a huge need for food and other goods in our surrounding area.  With the latest updates from Government in terms of the nation’s response to the COVID19 pandemic, this need is unlikely to disappear any time soon.

We realise that many members of our congregation would have been moved to give to and support those who might be hungry and/or cold in this time.  It is common for those wanting to give to not always know how or to whom to give.

How we selected our partners

Rather than creating a new food ministry, we have decided to partner with a number of existing NPO organisations in the northern suburbs that are already involved in feeding and caring for the hungry and destitute.

Partners were selected carefully using the following criteria:

  • God-centred with the aim of spreading the Jesus Gospel while providing the food / goods
  • Serving within the community we live in
  • Logistical capacity, infrastructure and required permits
  • High standard of corporate governance and accountability
  • Existing relationships with Re:New, PVC and/or other churches / structures that would have gone through a similar process of identifying partners
  • Historic involvement in the communities they operate in to allow them to identify those most in need and make sure all funds / goods effectively reach them.
  • Professional, quality service delivery in a cost-effective way
  • Running expenses must be covered by existing regular NPO donations, so that 100% of donations sourced from PVC will be going directly to recipients.

More about our partners

Apart from Re:New’s established ministry on Morgenster farm requiring regular food hampers for the 27 farm-working families, we wish to partner with the following ministries:

What they do

Hillsong Africa Foundation  working with Chanan54 and GiveWise feed the hungry in Fisantekraal for as little as R1.71 per person per day.

Their aim is to make sure as few as possible people go to bed hungry through the provision of basic staples very cost-effectively.

How they distribute

They have trucks with strong security presence and aim to reach the entire community a minimum of 3 times per month, ideally once per week.

How you can support them

Mostly money to ensure cost-effective delivery.

Volunteers from time to time.

What they do

The Father’s Heart working with Mercy Aids operate seven soup kitchens from locals’ homes in Fisantekraal.

They provide food parcels to Fisantekraal families via a very detailed process to identify the most vulnerable families.  They do this in partnership with the Department of Social Development, local government and other charities operating in the area.

How they distribute

They distribute the food with four bakkies manned with community members, who do regular rounds to pre-identified homes.  Recipient’s ID is required and parcel is signed for. 

Soup kitchens are run from locals’ homes.

How you can support them

Mostly food parcels and soup ingredients.

Volunteers from time to time.

What they do

MES permanent staff provide food, toiletries, clothing, other goods and accommodation via existing venues for shelters and soup kitchens. 

They aim to get the destitute they serve to live independent, sustainable and meaningful lives.

How they distribute

MES drivers operating from head-office in Bellville (per guidance from the MES social workers).

How you can support them

Food, money, other goods and shelter vouchers.

Volunteers from time to time.